The History of the Praise Network


The Praise Network was founded in 1988 by Herb Roszhart. A local group in the Orchard, Nebraska, area had made application to the Federal Communications Commission for a FM station and had received the construction permit. But realizing they lacked the expertise and finances to complete the project, Herb Roszhart was contacted and assumed the leadership in building the station. In 1987 KGRD-FM went on the air and in 1988, The Praise Network, Inc. was formed as a non-profit corporation to operate this 100,000 watt station in North-central Nebraska with studios now in O’Neill, NE.

The mission statement of The Praise Network states, “Every endeavor will be toward glorifying God and turning hearts toward Christ through programs of instruction, information and inspiration.”

The goal of The Praise Network is to bring Christian Radio to rural communities, assisting churches in impacting their local areas with the message of Christ.

In 1988, Herb Roszhart assisted Allen and Doris Quenzer in developing FM station KGCR, Goodland, KS, which later became a part of The Praise Network.

Additional stations were added:
1992 – KPNO-FM, Norfolk, NE.
1994 - KPRD-FM, Hays, KS.
2008 - KMMJ-AM, Grand Island, NE.
2011 - KGRJ-FM, Chamberlain, SD.
2011 - KGRH-FM, Mitchell, SD.
2011 - KGCD-FM, Wray, CO.
2013 - Columbus, NE.

The Praise Network currently holds 20 FCC licenses – 8 FM stations and 1 AM station along with 11 translators.

As a listener-supported ministry, The Praise Network is thankful for the many faithful supporters who have helped broadcast the Message of Life across Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and South Dakota.